Who we are

                         The society of pilar is serving in different parts of India and abroad.It has four provinces-Kolkata,Goa,Mumbai,and Delhi,and one region called the Agnel Region which was constituted towards the end of 2006.The society renders its services in Jammu, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi in North India, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and the Andaman Islands in East India, Gujarat, Maharashtra,Goa,Karnataka and the Union Territories of Daman, Diu, Nagar Haveli in West India., and a parish and formation house in Chennai in South India. The Socitey also has its members serving parishes in U.S.A, Germany,Italy and England. The members engage themselves in spreading the Gospel of Jesus through service in parishes and works of social uplift and integral development of people without discrimination of caste and creed. Education is one of the major areas in which the members of the society of pilar serve. It runs over 60 educational institutions of all categories – Primary and Secondary Schools,Colleges,Technical and Engineering Institutions.Spread in different parts of India and one in Nepal ,the pilar-run educational institutions impart education to diverse classes of youth – children of well-to-do-farmers and business people in Punjab and Haryana , tribal children in the regions of Jharkhand, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagar-Haveli. The majority of the beneficiaries of our services are the children of other religions.The society also runs 16 junior and senior colleges, and about 33 hostels and orphanages that serve the youth from the poor and rural section of society. The Agnel Region of the society of Pilar has been specializing in imparting education in the Technical and Engineering fields besides running balbhavans (orphanages) in almost all their Institutions. Most of the schools of the society of Pilar are situated in rural areas.Reaching through non-formal education like community polytechnic and extension courses through Central Government Schemes, the society thus caters to large sections of the rural populations. The Society has other social welfare activities.It runs orphanages,health centers and dispensaries, and several social outreach programmes in rural areas.At some units the members engage in programmes for the rehabilitation of migrant people, adult literacy classes, women welfare projects,etc. The projects also include training of social workers,animators and leaders. The society has also rendered voluntary service and provided aid in emergency situations caused by natural clamities like the earthquake in Bhuj in Gujarat, and the Tsunami in the Andamans, to name a few. Since the last couple of years , a novel project mobile dispensary was started in Kolkata, coupled with daily distribution of hot freshly-cooked food to people living on the streets of Kolkata. The Pilar Sisters Association that was opened in 1983, now has over fifty members collaborating with the Pilar Fathers in their misssonary apostolate. Devotion to Ven. Agnelo has grown greatly as is seen by the increase of devotees flocking Pilar every thursday and during the Novena in November. The Agnel Ashram in Bandra and the parish at Juhu-Koliwada run by the Pilar Fathers also conduct regular devotion of Ven. Agnelo. People give testimonies of healings and favours received through the intercession of Ven.Agnelo.