What the contemparies say

Fr. Irineu, O.C.D. has this to say about Fr. Agnelo as a preacher Continue reading : " His sermons were simple, gentle discourses, resembling if I may dare to say so, Our Lord's Sermons on the Mount. He disliked flowery, pietistic phrases and spoke a child like language that everybody could easily understand with such success that lukewarm and indifferent hearts changed their mode of living and became fervent Catholics. He preferred to dwell more on the fundamental doctrines of our religion such as the commandments and the eternal truths and he labored to drive home the necessity of prayer and penance which he himself practiced to a high degree. "

Fr. Alcuino da Costa, a Diocesan Priest, who administered the parish of Sanvordem has described the life of Fr. Agnelo at Sanvordem Continue reading : " From my associations with Fr. Agnelo, whom everyone without exception considered as a saintly priest, I had occasion to admire in him in particular the virtues of obedience, mortification and temperance. His obedience to his superior was admirable. "

One of his students in the school at Calangute records this observation about his beloved teacher Continue reading : " He would not admonish his students, nor would he be annoyed by their mischief; he was ever a friend to them, as if they were his own children. His mild and kindly gaze would be enough to call to order any transgressor of discipline. If there was anything that violated modesty, he would then be severe, not tolerating any gesture or word against the angelic virtue. For this reason, the boys derived much fruit from his instruction and behaviour and several of them decided to become Priests. "

One of his colleagues, during these years, Fr. Luis Filipe de Ataide, gives the following account of Agnelo's way of life Continue reading : " He was very different from the other students, moving about alone, speaking only when it was absolutely necessary to do so, devoting all his time to reading books of study and devotion, giving a wide berth to games, amusements and even evening walks. He never spoke of himself, but was exceeding modest, and he was meticulously faithful in the execution of his duties. Whoever saw him would say at once that he was an angel in human flesh. "

One of his uncles, Fr. Lazaro Fortunato Souza, seeing him a drawing around him the boys of the village and catechizing them, uttered these prophetic words Continue reading : " Agnelo will one day be a virtuous Priest and a renowned Preacher. Those living at the time will have the pleasure of bearing testimony to and admiring what I say "