I was suffering from Deep Vein  Thrombosis (DVT) and my leg was swelling knee down due to irregular blood circulation. I consulted many doctors in the Gulf and took the treatment prescribed by them but there was no relief. I came down to Mumbai and consulted specialists. Their medicines too did not work. my aunt then gave me water mixed with the mud from Ven Agnelo’s grave and applied on the swelling leg. The next morning the swelling disappeared and has not recurred since. I am deeply grateful to Ven. Agnelo for hearing my prayer.

- Juliet Pires, Mandur

Twice I went for a medical test but the report showed, ‘unfit.’ Then I prayed to Ven Agnelo with faith and drank the water with mud from his grave mixed. The next morning I went again for the medical test. In the evening the doctor called to give me the good news of the report saying I am fit. I am convinced that it was due to the intercession of Ven Agnelo that I got a good report on my health, and I thank him and pray for his early canonization.

- John Mascarenhas, Nuvem

Our daughter had fallen from the bed when she was small. She sustained head injuries because of which she started getting epileptic fits. We showed her to many doctors and they recommended that she undergoes surgery. The date for the said surgery was fixed and we returned from the GMC. On our way we stopped at Pilar and prayed fervently at the tomb of Ven Agnelo and drank the water mixed with mud grains from his grave, and then returned home. The next day we went to the GMC for the scheduled operation. While she was undergoing the pre-surgery test, the doctor saw that she was well and did not require the surgery. Our joy knew no bounds and we are grateful to Ven. Agnelo for hearing our prayer and interceding to God for our daughter.

- Milagrina Fernandes, Betul

All of a sudden the left side of my body was restricted of movement and could not speak or walk. I was rushed to the hospital and put in the ICU. On checking me the doctor said that my condition was not good and that recovery was unpredictable. It could take two months or even two years, but no guarantee. I was panicky on hearing this and prayed to Ven Agnelo to restore normalcy to my condition. Lo, within fifteen days I was alright. My heartfelt thanks to Ven Agnelo and I pray that he may be canonized soon.

- Sera Martins, Chinchinim

My daughter had four swellings on her neck and even after consulting seven doctors there was no respite. The last doctor said that a biopsy test would be needed. But before undergoing the biopsy I went to Pilar and prayed at the tomb of Ven Agnelo and brought his relic home and gave her to drink it, and prayed the novena prayer. With that my daughter was completely healed. My heartfelt gratitude to Ven Agnelo!

- Filomena Cardozo, Chandor

I was completely incapacitated having got the rheumatism and arthritis. One day, since my knee was numb I had a fall. I was panicky and having the relic of Ven Agnelo with me I mixed it in water and drank it, praying to him to bring relief.By evening I could walk and now I am right. I am very grateful to Ven.Agnelo for coming to my rescue.

- Socorrina Crasto, Navelim

My son was suffering from severe headaches and I took him to the GMC and showed him to a doctor. After doing the MRI the doctor said that he had a tumour in the brain and had to be operated soon. It was on November 17 and the novena to Ven Agnelo was on in

Pilar. So I sent a message requesting for prayers. My son was operated on the 20th and the doctor said he would have to undergo another three similar surgeries. We then took him to Tata hospital in Mumbai. Another MRi was done and the report came normal and now he is alright. I owe a heartfelt gratitude to Ven Agnelo for coming to my aid.

- Maria Gracias, Britona