My daughter was suffering from stomach ache. I showed her to many doctors but they did not find anything untoward. We prayed to Ven Agnelo and applied the mud from his grave on her stomach. Now she is alright thanks to Ven Agnelo for his kind intercession.

- Lucia Costa, Sanguem

My grandson Rafael had a hole in the heart at birth. The doctor said he will have to be operated upon. In a state of panic, we cried out to Ven Agnelo for his intercession to bring about a  successful operation and normalcy. I thank him for he heard my prayer. I pray that he may be beatified soon.

- Constancio L. Pereira
, Navelim

In 2014 I was suffering from fibroids and bleeding. I went to Agnel Ashram in Bandra and prayed for healing even drinking the water mixed with his grave mud. I have instantly healed thanks to Ven Agnelo.

- Christaline Dourado Pinto
, Mumbai

Following the death of my husband, I went through a depression and despair and began to take pills. It had its side-effects. I felt a knot in my throat and blisters came on the tongue . The doctor prescribed surgery to remove the knot. I came to Pilar and prayed fervently to Ven  Agnelo and even drank water mixed with his relic. Lo! The knot disappeared and the tongue also was healed. While thanking Ven Agnelo I pray for his early beatification.

- Rosa Antao, Caranzalem

Suddenly my chest and back started aching. On doing the stress test the doctor said that a vein was blocked and I would have to undergo angioplasty. The latter done at the GMC revealed six blocks of 80 to 90% and I was told to do a bypass surgery which was also rather risky. Relying on God and Ven Agnelo with great trust I underwent the surgery. After about 15 days there was an infection of the incisions. I continued praying to Ven Agnelo to come to my aid. I am now very well and returned home, thanks to Ven Agnelo for his powerful intercession.

- Maria Alemao, Raia

My knees would get swollen after doing work. I prayed to Ven Agnelo to bring healing and he answered my prayer. I am grateful to him. 

- Angelina Monteiro, Rachol

My daughter had a large cyst on her left ovary and the doctor said surgery was required . I then prayed with fervent faith to Ven Agnelo and even gave her water mixed with the mud from his grave. On taking another scan there was no sign of any cyst the doctor declared. I am deeply grateful to Ven Agnelo.

- Antonetta Azavedo
, Utorda