From the desk of vice postulation

August 2017

Dear Friends,

Warm Greetings from the Office of Vice-Postulation, Pilar, Goa.

In the month of August, we celebrate two great events namely, the Feast of Assumption of Mary and Independence Day of our country. Mary was given to us as our mother and consequently we became her children not only on this earth but also in Heaven. She lived a life of deep faith and of service. She was rewarded with heavenly blessings. She invites us to live a life of faith, and to always show our love and concern towards the poor and the needy. Secondly we celebrate the Independence Day of our country. We thank the Lord for the gift of our country and many blessings on our country. At the same we pray that our country may be free from corruption and injustice, and the poor may be taken care of.

Fr. Agnelo has been working many wonders in the lives of people. Read what Mrs. Shalima Pereira has to say from Maina – Curtorim, Goa.

During my pregnancy I was bleeding and the doctor was doubtful about my case. I then came to Pilar and humbly put forth my plea to Ven. Fr. Agnelo that everything may go well with me. I am happy to say Ven. Fr. Agnelo heard my prayer and I had a normal delivery. My heartfelt thanks to Ven. Fr. Agnelo.

-Shalima Pereira

If you have any intentions to be prayed for, please send them to us. If you need any literature on Fr. Agnelo, please let us know, we shall post it to you. Also please pray for a first class miracle through the intercession of Fr. Agnelo. The first class miracle is one through which a person is cured from a very serious disease through Fr. Agnelo’s intercession. The doctors after treating the patient, must declare that they cannot do anything more to cure. They must practically give up the case. At that time, the person or his relative must pray through Fr. Agnelo’s intercession. If he/she gets cured then he/she must report to us with all the documents, X-ray, MRI, etc. We then study the case with help of the doctors and make a process and send to Rome. If it is accepted then Fr. Agnelo will be declared “Blessed”. Let’s hope to get this miracle very soon. Your prayer is important.