From the desk of vice postulation

September 2017


My dear devotees and friends of Fr. Agnelo,

Greetings of Peace and Joy! We are happy to inform you that this year the Day of Ven. Fr. Agnelo will be celebrated on 20th November at Pilar, Goa. In preparation for this great day; the Novena will begin on 11th November 2017. During these 10 days we shall intensify our prayers to obtain a first class miracle by which Ven. Agnelo will be declared “Blessed”.

The Programme from 11th to 19th November will be as follows:

* Holy Masses. Morning: 5.30, 6.45, 8.00, 9.15, 10.30 and Evening: 3.45, 5.00 & 6.15 (English).

* At the end of every Mass, there will be special prayers over the sick.

* On 20th November, the Solemn High Mass will be at 9.30 a.m. Most Rev. Theodore Mascarenhas, will be the Main Celebrant.

The Theme of the celebration this year will be:

“The love of Christ urges us on to reach out to others: Ven. Fr. Agnelo is an inspiration”.

In the Pastoral Year, the Archbishop of Goa and Daman has reminded us how the love of Christ urged St. Paul, renewed him, and he went about proclaiming Jesus and doing good to everyone. Ven. Fr. Agnelo followed in the footsteps of Jesus; he experienced his intimate love, by spending spending long hours before the Blessed Sacrament and then with the power of Jesus’ love, he reached out to the poor and needy.

Our Archbishop reminds us in his Pastoral letter to witness to our faith through actions. We all need to grow in social consciousness contributing our mite towards the betterment of our Society – be it in safeguarding the environment, respect towards life, human person and migrants and by being sensitive to the needs of the poor and the marginalized.

Devotees in Goa are most welcome to attend the Novena and Day of Ven. Agnelo at Pilar. Those outside Goa or abroad, could get together in your Parish or area and organize a novena prayer and a Mass on 20th November or on any convenient day, to pray for the Canonization of Ven. Agnelo. Please speak to your friends about Ven. Agnelo.

Enclosed herein is the petition form. Kindly write your intentions and send it to us. We shall place it at the tomb of Ven. Agnelo where special prayers are being offered for the intentions of all the devotees.

We are studying few good cases of cure through the intercession of Ven. Fr. Agnelo. Please storm heaven and pray for his early Beatification.

We thank you for all your help and support in our missionary work, and we assure you of our humble prayers.

Yours sincerely in Jesus,


Fr. Hilario Fernandes, sfx.